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Posted 3 days ago

Monkees Awards- Day 10

Favorite Monkees related story:

Definitely Micky’s Hyde Park story. Brings a smile to my face every time I hear it (unlike some of Micky’s overused stories)


Funniest Monkee:

Well, they’re all hilarious in different ways, but I’d have to call it a tie between Micky’s hyper silliness and Mike’s dry sense of humor -

"He’s gone!"

"Do you suppose it has anything to do with the fact that this is a crayon?"


Day 11

Favorite Song from Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn and Jones, Ltd.

Daily Nightly, with Pleasant Valley Sunday 2nd and Door Into Summer third

Story You Wish Micky Would Stop Telling

Whichever one contains the oft-repeated phrase “I’m told I had a good time”

Day 12

Favorite Solo Project

Elephant Parts

"They go into this bar, no wait, they go into a butcher shop and.."

Ultimate Favorite Song (Pick 5)

1-Daily Nightly
2-Daydream Believer
3-Randy Scouse Git
4-Pleasant Valley Sunday
5-Sometime in the Morning

Show Screencaps from Cool Cherry Cream

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Tumblr Monkees Awards Challenge Day 9 (catching up, slowly but surely)

Favorite Song From Headquarters

For Pete’s Sake

Which Monkee Would You Most like to meet?/Which one did you enjoy meeting most?

I met Micky at the Hollywood Show (autograph show) last year and he was really cool! I wish I could meet Mike, but he’s not doing any meet and greets on his mini-US tour later this month (unless they announced it when I wasn’t looking.)

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Monkees Awards Day 8

Favorite Monkee Fashion Era - 1968/ Hippie Era

I liked the first-season Monkees just fine when I was a kid, but I didn’t fall wildly in love with them until they became full-on hippies in the 2nd season

Best Actor:

Overall - Peter, since he really had to play a character instead of an extension of his real life personality like Micky, Mike and Davy.

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Favorite Monkees Ship

1- Real Life - Mike and Micky

Slash Fic-wise - Torklenz

Monkee You’d Most Like to Sing You to Sleep


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Monkees Awards- Day 6

Favorite Head Sequence -

Circle Sky - because they all look so friggin’ hot!

2nd place - Mike’s birthday/Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?


Favorite Romp (pick 2)

Monkee’s Paw/Words


Monkees at the Circus/Sometime In the Morning


Pics from Big Glee & Cool Cherry Cream

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Tumblr Monkees Awards Challenge Day 5:

Most Iconic TV Show Moment

"Have you ever tried reading Mike and Frank?"

Monkee You’d Most Like to Party With:

1960s: Peter, since he had the most freewheeling party lifestyle, aka orgy-organizing.

Bonus: 1970s

Micky. Can I have a Tardis ride back to the ’70s to hang out with Micky and  the Hollywood Vampires?


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Tumblr Monkees Awards Challenge Day 4:


Mike’s Daily Nightly is my go-to song and was my fave long before it was resurrected for the 2012 tour.

Monkee that looks best in drag

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Monkees Awards - Day 3

DAY 3a. Favorite Monkees Documentary or Book

Micky’s I’m a Believer - and the interview segments from Hey Hey We’re the Monkees in 1997. Especially the one where Mike talks about being chased by fans & Micky’s description of singing to the kids in Hyde Park. The clips  should still be up on YouTube.

Monkee You’d Most Like to Be Stuck on an Elevator With

Well, once again I’ll have to go with Micky. (This is getting monotonous, I know.)  He could probably figure out how we could get the thing working again even before help arrived. After all, he did build a gyrocopter in his basement.

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Monkees Challenge - Day 2

Four Favorite Monkees Episodes

1- Frodis Caper

I loved this episode when I was a kid! Of course, I had no idea what Frodis actually meant. I just thought this ep was hilarious. My BF and I  spontaneously break into dialogue from it  on occasion. “I don’t wanna fight anymore. I just wanna lay in the grass and be cool.”


2- Monkees Paw

The boys at their beautiful, smartass hippie best -Micky, silent for most of the ep ,but still hilarious and, of course, stoned Davy.


3- Devil and Peter Tork

"The power is inside of you. Nobody can give it to you…and nobody can take it away. Now go play the harp."


4- Some Like It Lukewarm

The comic timing in “The Door into Summer” romp is incredible. I also like how MIcky is directing Davy from behind the drumkit. And the all-around silliness in “She Hangs Out” just makes me giddy every time I see it.


Monkee You’d Most like to Have a One-On-One Conversation with..

Micky. Especially after he’s had a libation or two.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Monkees Awards

Day 1

Favorite Album - Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones

Every song is perfect. No need to skip over any track….I can listen to PAC&J over and over and never get tired of it.


Monkee with the best hair (60s)

Micky..those crazy curls.  He was cute with straight hair, but the curly hair just took his attractiveness to another level..